Intimacy With God is the living testimony of one woman's journey through to discovery about herself as a woman and her faith in God. Where the word of man had failed she had been steered into the realm of faith and prayer by the gentle voice of her Grandmother. And while in the midst of spiritual warfare she learns that her greatest weapon isn't found in any arsenal, but in the relationship that she has learned to nurture and cultivate between herself and God.

We live in a world that is ever changing and constantly evolving. Where in the blink of an eye your circumstances can change from good to bad. Fortunately for me my Grandmother saw to it that I inherited her "ToolBox, (the Bible)"so that no matter what situations occured in my life, I would be better prepared to deal with them. A Woman's Toolbox is a daily devotional for encouragement, inspiration and guidance, and is rooted in scripture, specifically with you in mind.