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Miracles Happen Everyday!

I truly believe in Miracles as our son Domenique Raby is a Miracle. On August 5, 2017 he was in a horrific car accident, and his doctors told us he would not survive, and they suggested that we should take him off Life Support. They told us that they had never seen anyone with a brain injury as severe as Domenque's brain injury, survive. We refused to accept that! I told the doctor that my faith was in God. I also told him to do everything that he could to keep Domenique alive and leave the rest up to God! Well, the doctors have been quite amazed at Domenique's progress. There is power in prayer and God still performs Miracles. Domenique celebrated his 24th Birthday on Sat Jan 27, 2018. He is improving everyday. He is eating, he is walking with assistance, and he is responding to commands.

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