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Faith and Trust in God!

My faith has been renewed, and strengthened! After doctors told us that our son would not survive, from a horrific car accident, and that he would never walk or talk again, and that his brain was severely inujured, and that we should consider taking him off life support. We were devistated! They also asked us, if we wanted them to resesitate him and we said YES! We told those doctors to do everything they can to keep our son alive, and let God do the rest. One doctor told me that he had never seen a miracle before and I told him that our son would be his first one. I cried out to God with my whole heart, and I trusted that God heard my prayers! Yes, it was very difficult for me, but I continued to pray even when things did not look good, I prayed harder! My son is alive today, and improving everyday! Prayer, Faith, Trust and Obedience brings results! I thank God for all that he has done and for all that he is continuing to do in our sons life and in our lives. Prayer changes things! Faith, in God changes everything! What are you believing God for today? Continue to pray, trust, and wait! God hears you, and God will answer you, in His Own Time, In His Own Way.

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