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Meet Tonya Raby: Inspirational Author


Tonya Raby has a heart and a passion for helping and encouraging, hurting and scorned women, because she was once that woman herself. 

Though we all have individual journeys and paths that take us in different directions, we all struggle with some of the same things.


The answer to all of our issues, no matter how great or small, can be found in the Word of God. Spending time alone with God daily will help you to establish a personal and intimate relationship with God. A relationship with God is one of the best relationships you could ever have. 

Tonya's Three Inspirational Books


Intimacy With God

"Intimacy With God" is Tonya Raby's first published book. It is a memoir of her life, and she shares some of her life's experiences, and personal testimonies in hopes that it will inspire and encourage others to establish a personal and intimate relationship with God.  


Good Morning God

This 30 Day Devotional and Journal for Women is Tonya's most personal work yet. Written through her own experiences, and inspired in her heart to help you get closer to God through your devotional time with Him. 




A Woman's Toolbox for Establishing Intimacy With God 365 Day Devotional.

Establishing an intimate relationship with God is one of the best relationships you can have. In this 365 day devotional, Tonya Raby shares scriptures that will help you while on your journey of establishing intimacy with God.

About the Author

Tonya Raby was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois under the watchful eye and wisdom of her Father, and her beloved Grandmother, who instilled in her the Holy Word of God at a very early age. Through the life lessons gained from many trials and tribulations of her life, the loving counsel of her Grandmother, and the commitment and support of her husband, she has written three books in hopes that the lessons she has learned can be a blessing to others.

Tonya has a passion for encouraging scorned and hurting women, because she was once, that woman too. ​She has been married to her husband Cedric Raby for 19 years and together they have raised a loving family who's foundation has been built on their love of God, His Holy Word and their love for each other. She and her husband live a peaceful life in  Austin Texas.


Book Tour Dates:

1st Stop: Chicago

Tonya Raby’s Book Signing 

Saturday April 29th, 2023 from 1pm-3pm at The Chicago Public Library - King Branch

3436 South King Drive Chicago IL 60616

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