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Faith is what has gotten me through some of the most difficult times in my life! But the one situation that challenged my faith more than anything was my son's car accident! I have shared this story many times but I can't stop praising God! My son came home yesterday for a few hours on a day-pass from Health South Rehabilitation Facility. He walked up the stairs with my husband's assistance! He has been in this facility since Oct, 2017. When he arrived to the facility, he was in very bad shape! He had a breathng tube down his throat, he was non-coherent and would only stare at you. He suffered a severe brain injury and the doctors told us that he might not survive, and if he did survive, he would never be the same. He would never, walk or talk. They told us that he may never recognize us again. But God didn't see fit, to let any of those things be! I prayed, and cried out to God daily. Our son knows who we are, he can walk with assistance, he is very coherent, he understands and communicates very well. He can write his name, he can add and subtract and he knows his family and friends. He is not talking yet, but I know he will. My faith is stronger than ever before! God has shown me, if I Pray, Wait, Trust, and Obey him, he will deliver! My marriage has been tested, my patience has been tested, my heart has been broken, but my son is alive! My son is being healed, MIND, BODY, and SOUL! My son will help others, once he is completely healed. My faith tells me so. No matter what you are going through in your life today, Pray, Wait, and TRUST GOD!

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