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My Journey of Faith!

My son Domenique Raby is a Miracle! I want to share a little of his story and of God's Amazing Grace! On August 5, 2017 our son was in a horrific car accident and was not expected to live. He was in ICU at Sunrise Hospital in a coma for several weeks. We were told that he had a tramatic brain injury (TBI) along with other tramatic body injuries. It was suggested to us by his doctors, to take him off Life Support, but we absolutely refused to do so! We told the doctors to do all that they could to keep our son alive and we began to Pray fervently. God moved on our behalf, not as quicly as we would have liked him to, but God moves on his time, not our time. Our son has been at Health South Rehabilitation Facility for the past 10 months, and is being released on July 10, 2018. He will be going to a Neuro Restorative Facility, where they will teach him how to do things for himself and he will have extensive neuro therapy, before transitioning to come home. I have become a " Strong Woman of Faith" during this tramatic time! Having Faith in God, changes everything! The doctors reports were always very negative but I kept praying and crying out to God on my son's behalf. First, my son opened one of his eyes, then he started moving one of his arms, then he started moving his leg. Finally, he let my husband and I know that he knew who we were. Each time the doctors report was discouraging, our son would do something miraculous! This has been one of the most difficult times of my life, but God was always there, comforting me, and restoring my son. My prayer has been; Lord, please heal my son, Mind, Body, and Soul. I know that God hears my prayers. Domenique is not talking yet, but he is alive, and he is comprehensive, he can walk, and I know that he will talk when he is ready. Having Faith of a mustard seed, can move mountains. I am a living witness of what Faith in God can do. I've had some restless nights, and I've shared many tears, but through it all, I learend to depend on God!

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