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This week I will be sharing on Prayer and Faith! I have prayed for things and sometimes I felt as if God was not listening to me. However, I have learned that God does hear us, and he answers us in his own time in his own way. I had been praying for a house for several years and also a new job. I was very specific with God as to what kind of job I wanted. I wrote in my journal that I wanted to buy a house in Henderson and I wanted 3 bedrooms and God granted me that. I also wrote that I wanted to get out of the hospitality industry and work for a non-profit organization and I wanted a certain salary. God has now answered that too. I start my dream job tomorrow. However, this did not happen over night. This was a prayer of many years. I now realize that God's timing is perfect and divine. So keep the Faith. Keep trusting God and most importantly, Obey God.

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