Intimacy with God!

Having an intimate relationship with God is one of the best relationships you could ever have.

God will be whatever you will allow him to be in your life. He is a friend, a comforter, a healer, a deliverer, and so much more! The best way to establish an intimate relationship with God is to spend time with him daily, by reading his holy Word, the Bible, Praying to Him, and listening for HIs voice for guidance and direction in your life. God is available to us at all times, if we just seek his presence. the Bible tells us to seek the Lord with our whole hearts and we will find Him. I have an intimate relationship with God, and He is my best friend. I can always count on Him, and He never let's me down. He may not come when I want Him, but He is always on time. My life is better with God in it and yours will be too if you open up your heart and let the Lord in today!

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