Monday Morning Inspiration Faith over Fear!

There is so much craziness and killing going on in the world. Today I saw on the news that a 18year old white boy killed 10 black people in a grocery store in Buffalo New York. This hurt my heart so badly! They say it is a hate crime against black people! Well we know there are some white people who do not like us. Not all white people feel this way. My point is, it frightened me and for a brief moment left a bit of fear in me. Then I quickly shifted gears and begun to pray for the family members of those he killed. I also know that we can not live in fear, but we must trust God with all things concerning our lives. I pray for the world, as the world needs prayer. I pray for the safety of my family, friends, and all that I love. Please let's keep each other lifted in prayer and not let fear overtake us. God is still in control of it all. We may not understand, but we must trust him with our lives!

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