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Monday Morning Inspiration - Hold on to Your Faith!

I would like to share a personal testimony. I was going through a very rough period in my marriage when my mother was suffering from cancer. My husband was dealing with his father getting older and I had to leave him alone with his father to go to Chicago to take care of my mother. It was one of the most difficult times in our marriage. I was so angry with him, and I thought about leaving him and never returning from Chicago. I could not deal with him and with what I was going through with my mother. And, I had just lost my father one year prior to cancer. I was hurting deeply and could not get the support I needed from my husband. But God reminded me, that all I needed was Him. I trusted and leaned on God for my support and strength. I am so glad that I did not give up on my marriage and I decided to forgive my husband and continue to work on my marriage. God forgives us daily and we must learn to forgive others. My lesson in this was to always trust God and have faith that God hears and answers our prayers. Whatever you are going through or dealing with today, pray and hold on. God hears your prayers and he will answer your prayers! Have faith in God!


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